1. powells:

    Send someone a love letter.

    I designed this sock!

  2. magazine ad for little fishes swim school

  3. flyer for canopy portland

  4. 11x17 Event Poster for Burning Man Portland's 
    BurnOut: Portland’s Decompression . This was super fun to work on and promises to be an amazing event.

  5. I was browsing through memory lane (ha) with one of my longstanding and amazing clients Simplify101. They offer inspiring workshops, tools, and useful advice about staying organized without being overwhelmed by chaos.

    I’ve been lucky to work with them on lots of fun projects - here’s a sampling of some illustrations I’ve created for their business over the years.

  6. Shield design for Ambassadors - a new department of Burning Man Portland's festival, SOAK. For those familiar with Burning Man this is similar to greeters.

    I spy a sunburst trend in my designs recently.. maybe the sun coming out in Portland has affected me more than I thought, haha!

  7. Logo, Poster, Web Design for this very off-kilter “pageant” event happening at the Portland Regional Burning Man Festival.

  8. 11x17 Poster Design for St. Louis Tap Festival Event “All That Tap”

  9. series of 30” x 50” posters designed for a dental office & cosmetic center. copy was provided by client.

  10. lemons